Ripping a Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Mini Bobble-Head Mystery Figure

I finally got a chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy this afternoon and I really enjoyed it. It lived up to my high expectations and I'm really happy it has turned into a huge success which will bode well for other Marvel projects featuring their non-major league properties like Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, or Luke Cage. Stopping by Barnes and Noble after the show I saw these blind boxes of a Guardians mini bobble-head. 

I could pull twelve possible figures with two variations of Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon and each box was $4.95.

MY FIGURE IS GROOT! Not bad for my first box! I've always mainly be a Marvel fan over DC but I had no idea that Groot made his first appearance in 1960.

Looking at Groot's reverse side you can really see the detail that goes into these. I'm certainly going to pick up a few of these in hopes of getting a Rocket Racoon.


Anonymous said…
Took my son to see the show for his birthday over the weekend. We both loved it, and Groot was definitely one of the most endearing characters.

BTW, love the new header on your blog.
Fuji said…
Very cool. Haven't seen the movie yet... but I'm looking forward to it.