I'll Be Keeping My Eye Out For Aaron Rodgers

My friend from high school and college is getting married in September and after sending his wedding invitations to friends and family he decided to send his extra invites to various celebrities. Knowing I'm a big Packer fan he sent along a photo of the invitation he sent to Aaron Rodgers. 

As you can see Aaron can bring a plus one of Olivia Wilde or John Kuhn. I only just realized as I was writing this post that he meant Olivia Munn instead of Olivia Wilde but either way I'd rather share a beer with John Kuhn!


If Aaron is bringing Olivia Munn, please tell your friend to invite me. I'd walk from Dallas to WHEREVER to meet her.

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming.
mike said…
Leave it to a Packers fan to not get their celebrity invites correct.

On a related note, Matt, I have a giant stack of new Packers cards ready for the next trade and some Twins swag as well. Whenever you get settled in...so if you don't get to party with Rodgers, at least you can double check the pile for his cheese head.
Tony L. said…
I guess he'd rather have Kuhn come to the wedding!

Then again, while Olivia Munn is nice to look at, most Packers fans (like myself) probably would rather have Rodgers and Kuhn there. ;-)
Fuji said…
Hey PATP... if you get invited, can I be your +1? I'd love to hang out with Ms. Munn too.