Boogie2988 Opens Some Garbage Pail Kids Chrome and My Garbage Pail Experience

Boogie2988 typically opens boxes of Magic and so it's fun when he does something not gaming related. He choose three blasters of the new Garbage Pail Kids Series 2 Chrome. As he mentions in the video he's a GPK super collector and has each and every set that has come out so far.

My personal experience with Garbage Pail Kids is I imagine similar to many other kids of my age. I bought them, obsessed about them, and when my Mom found them they were ejected from my life. I think I kept a few of my favorites hidden away but I have no idea where those cards ended up. This reminiscing has me interested in trying to track down all the "Matt" cards found in the various sets. There is of course "Fat Matt" from the original set but that seems a bit too obvious for GPK names and thankfully "Matt" has been featured in several sets in the series. It hadn't really occurred to me to try this before but think I will try to track down all of the variations.