Ripping A Pack of Simpsons Lego Mini-Figures

When it was announced back in March that the Simpsons would be getting the Lego treatment I was pretty excited but that news got pushed to the back of my mind I never remembered to check out the Lego displays to see when they actually arrived. While walking around Target I saw a big display of the figures for $3.99 and dove in for a pack.  

In total there are 16 characters to pull including all the members of the Simpsons family and 10 other characters. Each pack comes with a checklist sheet and beyond the pieces that make up the character they also have a few accessories including donuts, Lisa's saxophone, Scratchy's bat, or Ralph's valentine.

My dream pulls would be Ralph or Flanders. Let's see what I pulled.

Here are the pieces as they come out of the package.

Itchy!  The mouse with a nearly perfect record of decapitating, stabbing, or murdering his good pal/arch nemesis Scratchy. The figure looks great in person and I'm pretty happy with the pull.

Again, if you are interested in collecting these check out the Lego displays in the toy section as I haven't found them placed by they other mini figures up by the cards in Targets and Walmarts.


AdamE said…
I've been gone too long, what happened to Staggering Genius?
Matt Flaten said…
It's still there...just changed the logo and the full blog name made it a little crowded.