My First Card Collection

Long story short I started collecting baseball cards around 1987 and collected pretty actively through about 1994 when I switched over to comic books as my main vice. I put the best cards of my collection into this huge box and essentially since then it has been sitting at my parent's house in Wisconsin. 

Even when I started writing this blog back in 2008 and really began to get back into sport card collecting again I've never had my entire childhood collection with me. During my last visit home I had plenty of space in the car and so I grabbed this box and brought it home to combine with my other collection.

Of course there weren't too many places to buy supplies back in the late 80's so I had my own hand-made cardboard card dividers.

As I still do to this day I had my cards organized alphabetically by player.

Inside I found a lot of great cards I really had no memory owning so I'll be starting a regular series showing my collecting highlights and lowlights from the first few years of my collecting. 

So that being said, let's start with our first card...a penny sleeve. Or is it? A huge amount of the cards from my box had this think penny sleeves that looked like they could have been cut from a larger 9-card page. Is it possible they were?  They are certainly not made by Ultra Pro...I know that much. Does anyone out there have an idea who put these thicker penny sleeves out?


RAZ said…
I would say it's about 99% that those sleeves are pockets cut from a 9-card page. There were a number of different brands that made card pages. Some of them were much thicker than others.
Fuji said…
Wow. You're gonna have a blast flipping through that box. It's sort of like a sports card time capsule.

As for the penny sleeve question. I don't know for sure, but I think I used Cardboard Gold penny sleeves back in the day and thought they were a little thicker than present day sleeves. But that could just be my imagination.
Nice blast from the past.
Anonymous said…
I still have some of my original 9-pocket sheets, including some that have that same kind of "spot weld" pattern along the seams. Mine were made by a company called Joshua Meier... which appears to have been (or still be?) an office supply company which saw an opportunity in card supplies.