Milt Pappas and Roger Maris

The last time I was at the Bob Feller Museum I wanted to pick up an autographed baseball from their vast library of signatures and this time it needed to be someone other than Bob Feller. I have several Feller autographs already and wanted to expand my autographed baseball collection. I was interested in a few items but the inscription on this one in particular won me over.

"I Gave Up #59 To Roger Maris" signed by Milt Pappas.

And according to Milt himself he threw nothing but fastballs at Maris during that at bat on September 20th, 1961. He wanted Maris to break Ruth's record and not have an asterisk behind the record as that had been announced by the commissioner. 

I've got a few Pappas cards but his 1958 Topps rookie is my favorite. 

1958 Topps #457 Milt Pappas [Rookie Card]


defgav said…
That's a great ball!
Commishbob said…
Great signed ball. I watched Maris hit that one off Pappas on TV with my Dad.