Keith Olbermann On The Trimmed Honus Wagner Tobacco Card

A segment from tonight's Olbermann show:


AdamE said…
I used to see Kendrick at DBack games every now and then. He used to randomly walk through the concourse. I haven't seen him since I heard he owned the Wagner. When I do see him I plan on asking him about it. Or more importantly why doesn't he have it on display somewhere at the ballpark.
Fuji said…
Wow. If I ever planned on altering a card for profit, I'd want someone to show me this video. Not because Mr. Mastro has to serve time (5 years in jail sucks, but the guy totally deserves it), but because I feel so bad for Mr. Kendrick. Heck... I sort of feel bad for Mastro too. He has to live with this guilt for the rest of his life. Well at least I hope he feels guilty and ashamed of what he did.