Cards From The Box #2: The One Autograph In The Box

**In this series we examine cards from my first era of collecting [1987-1995] which I haven't since 1999. You can find the origin post of this series here.** 

As my collection has grown I've become more and more focused on collecting autographs and relics rather than building complete sets. Sure, I'll collect an Allen and Ginter insert set or mini sets from the Topps flagship set but mainly I'm autographs, relics, and single vintage cards. Back when I was collecting the cards that make up "The Box" pulling an autograph from a pack was next to impossible. There was the possibility in the Upper Deck Heroes sets but I was having a hard enough time pulling a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie or Derek Jeter rookie to ever realistically think I might find an autograph in my pack. And my collection bares this out as there was only one autographed card in the box and that was of Tigers great Alan Trammell. This came from a card shop or card show as the "offer" sticker was still on the plastic protector. It is a great looking signature and just as bright as the day it was signed...that's what happens when your cards don't see the light of day for 15 years. It is without question one of my favorite "re-discoveries" in going through the box again.

1984 Donruss #293 Alan Trammell Autograph


Anonymous said…
Nice post! Nice Trammell auto.
Scott Crawford said…
That card is a beaut!
mike said…
Not too shabby finding that in a box probably loaded with doubles and stacks of tinder.