Buying Packer Cards Out Of The Trunk Of A Car

I've now been reduced to buying Green Bay Packers cards out of the trunks of cars.

I guess I should probably elaborate a little more...last summer, shortly after I returned from my year abroad in Ukraine and Latvia, I made my way over to Chicago for the 2013 National Sport Collectors Convention. Besides going to the best card show in the world I also used the trip as a way to meet up in-person with one of my long time trading partners, Mike D [that's him in the middle, I'm on the right]. He's lives over in Indiana so a trip to Chicago isn't too tough and he brought along his friend Nick [that's him on the left] to experience their first National. I had been to the National once before when the convention was held in Chicago in 2011.

Nick brought some cards along in case I was interested in buying some and wouldn't you know it, he had some Packers. So there we were in the parking lot of a Giordano's Pizza in Chicago hashing out a deal.

In the end I came away with two Packers, the first one being a Bart Starr Football Pin-Ups. These posters came inserted into packs of 1968 Topps Football...

1968 Topps Football Pin-ups #10 Bart Starr

...and the reverse side had a game you can play and keep score. 

My other Packer pick-up was a Paul Hornung 1977 Sportcaster card which at the time was the only portable encylopedia card you could own. These were available by subscription only and these were a little ahead of my time in collecting but do I remember similar sets featuring exotic animal cards.

At last year's National I recorded a bunch of videos of me walking around looking at everything that I still haven't really done anything with. Maybe I can get it done by this year's National which begins July 30th in Cleveland