Ripping A Kidrobot Simpsons Vinyl Figure

Another mini figure found its way into my cart and this time it is a Simpsons vinyl figure put out by Kidrobot. I'm not sure if Kidrobot makes these anymore as  they are marked as sold out on their web page and I found my figure at a used movies/music/comic shop called Vintage Stock at a marked down price. 

My box had a bunch of zombie variations as well as a series of mariachi variation Simpsons. I wouldn't mind a variation figure but I would rather just have a basic character...minus Maggie.

Enjoy the shiny!

And my character turned out to be Moe Szyslak, Homer's favorite bartender.

Each pack also comes with mini card...mine had a crease in the corner but it's still nice to have a Simpsons card. 


defgav said…
Ha, cool. Looks like the card may actually be a sticker?
Love it.

What you got against Maggie? She's Moe's best friend...
Matt Flaten said…
Yep, you're right it was a sticker. I didn't even notice.

Dayf, I don't like Maggie but a figure of the Unibrow Baby, now we're talking!