My Top 5 From My Jumbo Pack of 2014 Topps Archives

For just the low low price of $4.99 you can buy yourself 18 Topps Archives card in a jumbo pack. I'm almost boycotting these because I'm sick and tired of hearing about this Major League insert set. What's next an Angels in the Outfield with on-card autographs of Tony Danza and Danny Glover...hmmm...well actually taking a look at that movie's IMDB page you'll also find that Joseph Gorden-Levitt, Adrien Brody, and Matthew McConaughey were in it as well so let's bring on the next stupid gimmick that we can put in to our next gimmick crap fest!

I had expected to do a lengthy write up for each card but that first paragraph burned me out. So Harmon is #1 because he's The Killer.  

#154 Harmon Killebrew

Warren is #2 because reasons

#138 Warren Spahn
#3 and #4 are two Braves because I'm moving to Atlanta at the end of the summer so it looks like the Braves will be my new adopted for the record my true favorite team is the Minnesota Twins...and from 2004-2008 my "adopted" teams was the Mariners, from 2008-2013 it has been the Royals and now 2014 is Barves all the way!

#111 Jason Heyward
#3 Freddie Freeman

Yu got the #1 card in this set so he's #5. 

#1 Yu Darvish