Jose Vizcaino Junior and Senior

Last summer I got to go to a few Eau Claire Express games back home and it was surprising to see a familiar name on the Northwoods League roster. One of the standout stars of the team was a player from Santa Clara University by the name of Jose Vizcaino Jr.. He ended up batting .320 during the summer league with 5 home runs and 27 RBIs over 37 games.

I took a couple of photos of Jose in action but I only had my camera with me so they are not of the best quality. 

Here's an action shot. These games were played at Carson Park Stadium which has been hosting baseball games since 1937.

Of course Jose Vizcaino Jr. is the son of Jose Vizcaino Sr. who played 18 years in the majors from 1989 through 2006. Since I'm going to be a collector of Jose Junior if and when he starts showing up in Bowman sets I thought I would pick up a few of Jose Senior's cards as well. The first being a Leaf Signatures Series from 1996 which was one of the first products that had a ton of autographs from many different players.

1996 Leaf Signature Series Jose Vizcaino Autograph
Here's a nice refractor from 2001 Topps Chrome. 

2001 Topps Chrome #573 Retrofractor 
During the junk wax years the truly gold stamped Topps Gold cards were really the best part, weren't they?

1993 Topps #237 Jose Vizcaino Gold


Laurens said…
Looks like a nice, intimate place to watch a ballgame - nice pictures.