Atlanta Bound

In about a month my wife and I will be moving down to good old Hot 'Lanta away from the hot and humid temperatures of Lawrence, Kansas and onto somewhere even hotter and more humid. Along with giving me the chance to experience hurricanes for the first time it also lets me change my official "adopted team."

Let me explain.

I'm originally from northwestern Wisconsin and so my team growing up was the Minnesota Twins. Since then I've lived in Seattle and Lawrence so I've taken under my wing the Mariners and Royals as my "adopted teams" that I follow and go to games occasionally. The move to Atlanta will now bring me the Braves which is really my perfect adopted team as they were the Milwaukee Braves from 1953-1965 and I'm working on collecting those team sets. know...Hank Aaron.

Now I've just to get the Cardboard Junkie to clue me in on the best card shops around town! To finish up here's the Allman Brother's famous jam "Hot 'Lanta" from their Fillmore East performances in 1971: