Ripping A Mini Simpsons Figure Pack

To celebrate the Simpsons 25 years on TV Fox has put out some commemorative figures featuring famous guest stars. I found this particular pack at a local bookstore called Hastings for $2.99 with the full sized figures going for $14.99

My list of potential figures included Homer as a basketball coach, Tom Hanks, Yao Ming, Hugh Hefner, Kid Rock, and James Brown. ANYTHING BUT KID ROCK! ANYTHING BUT KID ROCK! ANYTHING BUT KID ROCK!

And so my figure turns out to be Hugh Hefner...I had hoped for James Brown but this turned out okay.


Ryan G said…
Those are cool! Maybe they'll show up in the capsule toy machines here in Japan too! The Simpsons show up here every now and then, so it can happen.
CaptKirk42 said…
That looks pretty neat. I wonder when they will put out a "Weird Al" Yankovic one. He has been on the show a few times.
Fuji said…
Man... I sure hope the do a bunch of those baseball players... like Jose Canseco, Ozzie Smith, and Ken Griffey Jr. I'd probably chase down the whole team.