John Kuhn, A Tall Boy

Tonight's the first round of the NFL Draft and it's one of my favorite nights of NFL TV. The draft experts thinks the Packers will probably go with a defensive linemen in the 1st round and then look for a center, tight end, and safety in the later rounds. I wouldn't be surprised to see a wide receiver picked as well.

My favorite night of NFL TV should only be combined with one of my favorite Packers cards from the past few years. This is a Tall Boy John Kuhn from 2012 Topps which mimics the 1965 Topps Tall Boys. Sadly it looks like there wasn't an autographed version of it.

 2012 Topps 1965 Topps Design #77 John Kuhn


Tony L. said…
I like our (Green Bay) pick of Clinton-Dix. What do you think?
Matt Flaten said…
I'm excited about it! I'm no draft expert but I was surprised he was still available for us!