Heartbreaking Damage: 1971 Topps #630 Roberto Clemente

In this series we highlight the cards that have seen better days but the rough times have made them infinitely more interesting.

Earlier today , my 1971 Topps Needs List had two cards on it and now it's down to one. This used and abused copy of Roberto Clemente's #630 arrived today and so my 5+ year quest is nearly complete. My newly acquired card certainly has seen some rough days and it looks like Roberto nearly lost an eye along the way. It also has a lot of surface scratches and creases but it had the perfect reduced price for a card that typically easily goes for $50 or more.

1971 Topps #630 Roberto Clemente
After seeing the front of the card you might be surprised how good the reverse side looks. Sure, it's got obvious creases in the right corner and a stain near the card number it's not too bad.

1971 Topps #630 Roberto Clemente Back

Now I just need the Don Baylor/Dusty Baker high-number rookie card to complete my '71 Topps set!