Break Out Your VHS Player, Here Comes Connie Gomper!

The 99 cent bin came up all cherries today folks! You see before you the legendary Connie Gomper video put out by the NFL in 1996. Gomper was a creation of Cindy Sandberg and is sort of an amalgamation of Sarah Palin speech technique crossed with every Wisconsin stereotype you've ever thought of...and she likes the Packers...a lot.

It's an interesting artifact because this came out before the Packers won the Super Bowl and because it has a rap performed by Packers received Robert Brooks. Thankfully someone put this on YouTube so you can watch it along with me. The Brooks rap is at the end of Part 2...right after a supposed cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Wisconsin state trooper. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Part 1: Part 2:


Tony L. said…
Wow...that's nearly unwatchable due to the Gomper accent...