A Discounted Living Legend

I was very happy to find some discounted blasters at Target the last time I was there and even more excited to find this blaster of 2012 Leaf The Living Legend Pete Rose. What the $12.99 sticker is obscuring is...

...that you are guaranteed a Pete Rose autograph or memorabilia redemption in each box!  The redemption scared me a bit because the product is two years old but I forged ahead anyway!

What they should also advertise on the box is that you get a complete set of cards as well. The Living Legend is a 50 card set and so I got a complete set plus about 10 doubles. Some of the cards feature slightly embarrassing photos of Pete and then some are supremely awesome like this one which highlights his 44-game hitting streak in 1978.

Card #22

I wish the cards were not all in black and white and would eventually move to color as Pete's career progressed but I do have to say the photo shopping of the logos and team names from the photos is done flawlessly.

My hit turned out to be an autograph of one of the cards highlighting Pete's early days with the Reds.

#AU-3 Pete Rose Autograph


JediJeff said…
One of those shows up at my Target, I'll grab it.
AdamE said…
I wish a Leaf Ali box would show up at my Target...
I'd take one for the auto.