Two Offensive Cards

That's "offensive" as in a type of attack and not "offensive" as in causing displeasure. These are cards of the "offensive" variety as in the offensive line and the Packers offensive line to be even more specific. This first one comes as a surprise from Commishbob from the recently completed '59 Topps Blog and The Five Tool Collector. In an e-mail he told me not to get my hopes up as to which card he was sending me and yet after opening the envelope [which I received on my birthday, actually] I was very happy to find an Upper Deck manufactured helmet card of Packers long time player Mark Tauscher. He protected Aaron Rodgers on the Super Bowl run and has only appeared on a handful of cards. This is the first Tauscher in my Packers collection and thanks again Bob for the great card!

2009 Upper Deck Green Bay Gamers #9 Mark Tauscher
Another recent addition to the Packers collection is this Bryan Bulaga Rated Rookie autograph from 2010 Donruss Football. Hopefully Bulaga will be able to have a productive season in 2014 as he missed half of the 2012 season and all of 2013 with two separate injuries to his hip and knee.

2010 Donruss Football #14 Bryan Bulaga Rated Rookie Autograph


Fuji said…
I love that Green Bay Gamers set. I just wish I had a man cave with plenty of room so I could display it.