Topps 75th Anniversary Buy Backs

A few weeks ago I received a friendly e-mail from Adam over at Thoughts On Sox letting me know about an eBay auction that I might be interested in.  It was a lot of four vintage Topps cards that have been foil stamped to honor Topps 75th Anniversary. These came out of packs of 2014 Topps and are inserted one per box. One mildly interesting fact is that these first three cards were all cards that I won through the 1,000,000 Card Giveaway Topps had a few years ago.

1968 Topps #336 John Purdin 75th Anniversary Buy Back
1966 Topps #48 Paul Blair 75th Anniversary Buy Back
1973 Topps #315 John Odom 75th Anniversary Buy Back

The fourth card was the reason for the auction being brought to my attention, a 1958 Topps Andy Pafko buy back card. This might be one of the few Pafko cards you can pull from 2014 products.  

1958 Topps #223 Andy Pafko 75th Anniversary Buy Back
The card is a little rough on the back with some added pen marks but it's still fun to come across some "new" Pafko cards.

1958 Topps #223 Andy Pafko 75th Anniversary Buy Back Reverse


Sascards67 said…
I'm not a big fan of the 2014 Topps design so I only bought one pack. I did get a 1959 Pirate buyback card in one of them though. Forget the player already and I'm moving this week so everything is being packed. I'm very jealous of the Pafko as it is one of my Braves needs.