Ripping A Green Bay Packers Fan Box Fairfield Repackage

I love buying these team-specific boxes because as a team collector being guaranteed a Packer autograph or relic allows me to happily pay $11.99 for the chance of pulling something memorable [like what's shown on the box itself].

Today's box held a Quinn Johnson autograph from 2009 Score. It's a $5.00 card at best but I don't mind too much as I didn't have a Johnson autograph before. Quinn last played for the Packers at full back back in 2010 before going to the Broncos and then the Titans. 

2009 Score Inscriptions #385 Quinn Johnson Autograph #204/599


Fuji said…
Wish they had some of these Packers repacks in my neck of the woods. As for Quinn... it's gotta suck backing up one of the Packers most popular players.