Possibly the Worst Cut Signature Ever?

We've all seen some rough cut signature cards in which the cut is jammed into a new card or sometimes the autograph is cut off or it's maybe obviously a part of a check or even a signed TTM card. But before it gets to that stage the potential cut autograph has to be found. Take a look at this auction and then just try to imagine pulling a cut autograph card this that signature used. I do appreciate the effort to make your own Andy Pafko but damn what happened cutting that signature.

Here's a closer look at that signature...and looking at that tape hearts my heart.


CaptKirk42 said…
Looks like something one would do for a personal scrapbook back during the vintage days 1970s or earlier.
Corky said…
The worst thing is that the autograph is not really salvageable. If it had been a decent square cut and there was room to cut off the tape damage that is one thing but this one needs to just be written off. His pricing is off too, you can get a nicer cut signature for a similar price.