Packer Pickups: Benson and Jones Autographs And A Franklin Patch

In this series I show off my latest Green Bay Packers pickups. 

Cedric Benson doesn't have too many Packers cards and I believe there are just autographs from the Valor, Five Star, and Magic sets but seeing as how he ended up playing in only five games in his one season with the Packers, that's not too surprising. This one was $6.00 shipped on eBay.

2012 Topps Valor #CA-CB Cedric Benson Autograph #161/200
I thought James Jones signing with the Raiders would mean that some cheap Jones cards would hit eBay and sure enough I found this one for $3.00. Jones is certainly in the running for "laziest signature" but at least the two J's together has some artistic flair. I wonder if he isn't partially responsible for the worst Packer autographs ever. I wonder if one day in the locker room Alex Green mentioned that he had to sign 500 cards for Topps and Jones said "I just sign two letters and I can get those done in an hour!"

2010 Topps Magic #134 James Jones Autograph
I'm a big fan of patch cards no matter who the player is and this three color path Johnathan Franklin RC for $5.00 was worth it.

2013 Topps #RP-JF Johnathan Franklin Patch Relic