New Cards For Old Players

As collector of a player who last played professionally 55 years ago it's always great when a new card surfaces. I remember last summer doing my regular eBay search and finding a 1990 Topps design with an Andy Pafko Cubs picture staring back at me.

It turns out the cards were created by Topps for each of the Cubs 82 home games for season ticket holder. 

Andy's card was #55 and corresponds with the Cubs 55th home game which took place August 3rd, 2013 against the Dodgers. The tickets themselves featured the card as well so I picked up a ticket as well. This is certainly a first for my Andy Pafko collection. 


Wrigley Wax said…
There is another version of the card. The Cubs gave away 82 cards over four date. They are identical to the season ticket holder cards, minus the season ticket logo. The Pafko card was given away on August 2.
They pop up on EBay, just look for one without the logo in the left corner.
mike said…
Is the Pafko you have shown the card I sent you a couple months ago? I didn't know there were two versions, otherwise I would have hunted them both down at the same time! I was part of a season ticket group for the Cubs, but didn't see any Pafko merch in our package.
Matt Flaten said…
Wrigley: thanks for the info! Another one for the needs list.

Mike: I believe this version is the one you sent me. I've purchased a couple of duplicates as well and all of them are foil stamped so I'm still on the lookout for that one.