Green and Gold Gifts

As I write this the Packers are either going to make the playoffs by beating the Bears or miss the playoffs for the first time since 2008 and so what better time to highlight a few of my recent Packers pickups...and these pickups came in the form of Christmas gifts.  The first is a mini-helmet I received from my lovely wife. I have tons of Packers stuff but somehow I never got myself a mini-helmet. Thankfully my wife corrected this horrible oversight!   

My second addition is a Packers Rookie Jersey Relic of former Packer Alex Green. Green is now with the Jets but that's no matter as I am a collector of all things Green and Gold. It is mainly a green patch with a little smidgen of white on the left side.  This came to me in Crackin' Wax Secret Santa Exchange along with a bunch of Milwaukee Braves cards that I'll highlight later.

2011 Topps #HRP-AGR Alex Green Rookie Patch


Fuji said…
Nice PC additions! Can't believe they were able to sneak into the playoffs. I made a bet with my buddy at the start of the season that they would have a better record than his Lions. Back then, I though he was crazy... but by mid season I was starting to get nervous. A few weeks later, I was ready to hand over my $100 right then and there. Sure glad I didn't. They pulled a tough opponent in the 49ers, but I'm hoping they can avenge that week 1 loss. Go Pack Go!