Ripping Four Packs of Cryptozoic Walking Dead Trading Cards

Here's another video I recorded long ago but never got around to posting. In today's clip I'm opening four packs of Walking Dead trading cards put out by Cryptozoic...two of the packs are for Season 2 of the TV series and two packs are devoted to the comic series. Hope you enjoy it.


Jeremy said…
The comic book cards are better than the ones based on the tv series. That always seems to be the way though. I'm no so much into the cards made from stills rather than actual artwork. I know nothing about the book or the show, but I've always wanted to start reading the book at some point.
Fuji said…
I'm a huge fan of the show. Haven't started watching the 4th season... but can't wait for Netflix to get it. I like the comic book series too. I have the first and second Compendiums, but really wish I would have collected this series from the beginning.