My Packer Season Ticket Update Is Here [2013 Edition]

A few weeks ago I received my yearly postcard from the Green Bay Packers letting me know where I sit on the season ticket waiting list.  Here is the progress I've made since 2007:

2007: 69,193

2011:  I can’t seem to find a scan of the postcard but...
2012: 65,890 [I moved up 1,008 places over 2 years]

I've been eagerly waiting this year's postcard because it is the first to include the huge addition the Packers made to Lambeau Field. So I was expecting a big jump in my position and certainly the biggest jump I've ever seen in my time on the list.

And I wasn't disappointed.  I'm all the way up to 60,604 which is an improvement of 5,286 spots which is 5X more that I've ever moved up before.  I'm still a long way from getting that magic letter with my chance to get my tickets.  But now that Lambeau Field holds 80,750  fans it is nice to now I'm about 25% of the way there.   


Fuji said…
Awesome progress! Go Pack Go!
Unknown said…
I should put my name in now in the hopes that my future kids will have a shot by the time they turn 18.