Some Andy Pafko Stuff I Had Never Seen Before

We'll start today with an eBay auction of a card I've never seen before.  Only 25 copies were made of this dual Andy Pafko/Phil Rizzuto autographed relic card from 2002 Topps.  Unfortunately, since they shrunk two cards into the size of one, the signature areas are very small and so the signatures are almost on top of each other.  In my long time examination of Pafko cards I believe this is the only Topps dual on-card auto that Andy has signed thus far.

The card is priced at $199 currently and has about four days left to bid and I will update this post if the auction has any surprising developments.

While the Pafko/Rizzuto card lives in a fantasy "I would like to own" someday, this next piece is in my grubby hands.  It's a book dedicated to Pafko by John C. Hoffman and was published in 1951.  The book has Andy listed as "The Solid Man" which is a cool nickname but not one that seems to have stuck with him as he is still mainly known as "Handy Andy."

I will have scan more of the pages in an additional post but I just wanted to show this treasure which came to me from reader and fellow Wisconsinite Jason C.  


Wow, that Rizzuto/Pafko is exceptionally cool.
Unknown said…
Any updates on this card? I have one just like it and was wondering if anyone had any useful information about it?