Update on the Target Topps Sale, This Time With Photos

After my post yesterday on Target's sale on 2013 Topps Series I, Opening Day, and MLB Stickers no one else [through comments on Twitter] was able to find the same sale at their local Targets.  While I was out and about today I went to a different Target and was able to find the same sale.  This time around I snapped some photos.

And the here are the discounted stickers:

These sales look to be going through August 3rd around here. Maybe Minnesota is just a wonderland of discounted cards currently.  


Zayden said…
Wow! Great deal !
Jafronius said…
No, all the Targets should have the sale going on. I'm in Northern IL and all the ones I frequent have the sale. I believe the catch is that they didn't put the sale signs up. Many times it takes a while for the signs to go up in the card aisle.
RAZ said…
There are no sale signs at my local Target in Idaho, but the packs are on sale here, too. $0.99 for Topps Series 1 and $0.49 for Opening Day.