That Awkward Moment You Learn A Card You Have Been Searching For Doesn't Actually Exist

You begin with:

And move onto:

And when you realize it is a card off your needs list and you are that much closer to finishing your collection:

Since 2011, I've had two mini cards of Brian Bannister on my "Short Term Collecting Goals."  Which reminds me, I think I need to seriously examine what I consider a "short term goal" versus a "long term goal."  Anyway, they were from 2009 Topps 206 and where the American Caramel and Carolina Brights back.  I had the other four Bannister mini variation in the set and I wanted to complete this "master set."

Every once in a while I would search on eBay for them but I would never find anything...which wasn't too surprising since the Carolina Bright version was a 1-of-1.  But I got an e-mail this weekend from reader mrhaverkamp letting me know that the American Caramel version was included in the 2010 Topps 206 set and wasn't made in 2009.  I had screwed up the year when I was searching for all the possible variations that were out there.  Thanks again mrhaverkamp for making my needs list a little shorter!  


mr haverkamp said…
Glad to pull a card off your want list in an 'odd' way......I think I can find a couple of your '71 Topps needs too, will dig later on today.
Too funny. I've experienced that look myself!