Tales From The LCS: My First Graded Kirby Puckett

Today's LCS Tales take place in Roseville, MN at 3 Stars Sportscards.  What it lacks in organization it gains in always having some interesting Twins stuff for sale.   This time around I found a graded Kirby Puckett second year Fleer card for $3.00  It is a graded a 7.5 with...

...three out of the four areas getting an 8 rating.  The edges received a 6.5 and you can really see why at the top of the card on the back side.  Looking up the card on the Beckett site I find it was graded back in 2001.  Plus, a grading of 7.5 is not very bad at all for this card.  There have been a total of 16 graded copies of this card and none have been found to be gem mint and none have even graded above a 9.0.

I also picked up a Tommy John card which has a pretty sloppy autograph.  This seems to be very appropriate for a pitcher known for his elbow surgeries.

And lastly, I can never turn down a Topps Commemorative Patch card.  This one honors Ralph Kiner and the 1949 All-Star Game held at Ebbets Fied in Brooklyn.