Show and Tell #121: My First Trade Of 2013

I traded very few times when I was abroad this year and last although I did squeeze a few trades in when I was home for Christmas 2012.  My return to blogging a few weeks ago inspired Reader mrhaverkamp to check my needs lists and found he could help in a couple of areas.  He took two high-numbered short prints from my 1971 Topps needs list.  These came at the perfect time because I'm headed to The National on Thursday with hopes of completely finishing that set for good.  [Fingers crossed for a rough, cheap Willie Mays!]
1971 Topps #664 Rookie Stars Pitchers
1971 Topps #717 Tommie Aaron

Another card that I'm sure I'll bring home many copies of from The National is my all-time favorite card, 1972 Topps #19 Billy Cowan.  mrhaverkamp sent me three copies and after the National I think I will try to bring together all the copies I have into one big photo opportunity.  Thanks again mrhaverkamp for the trade!

1972 Topps #19 Billy Cowan