Pack Searching Transparent Packages

While walking around Target the other day I was surprised to find a rack of repackaged baseball and football cards back in the sporting goods department rather than at the front of the store with the rest of the packs.  I always take a look to see if there is a Bryce Harper rookie waiting for me on the opposite side of these packages and as I was looking I noticed the little sticker towards the bottom left. 

"Look for Memorabilia Cards" the sticker commands.  Your wish is my command!

I imagine someone decided it would be a good idea to place those stickers without actually having seen the transparent packaging that would confine the cards.  So "Look for Memorabilia Cards"?  I surely will.



And I even went a head and checked the other ten or so repackages and guess what?  No memorabilia cards to be found, surprise, surprise.


--David said…
Hahaha! Wow, like hide and seek in a swimming pool with your eyes open...
CaptKirk42 said…
Last time I was at Target I saw some of those in the card section. I didn't notice the sticker. I looked at one package front and back and decided not to get any that trip.