I'll Be Around The National On Thursday

Before this week I hadn't met any readers of my blog or other card bloggers in person but all that changed yesterday at [appropriately enough] a baseball game.  I'll post a little more on the details of that meeting later on as it is a great story itself.  I had also made plans later this week to meet up with another reader and so this seems to be my "Matt F. meets the internet" tour.

Today I headed down to Chicago and I'll be all around, over, and in The National searching for Andy Pafko rarities for most of the day on Thursday.  So if you haven't watched any of my YouTube videos recently I look like this with a little less horseshoe mustache and a little more circle beard and don't be afraid to say hello.

I'll have a bunch of updates on my day at The National later this week so be sure to check back.