New Mars Attacks Card Set Coming In October!

Topps has announced today that we can expect a new Mars Attacks card series in October.  The 63-card set will be called Mars Attacks Invasion and will be a "story based" set and include several insert sets with further details about those to follow as we get closer to the release date.  Artists attached to the project include the following...along with some links to samples of their work:

Earl Norem -- samples of his work with He-Man.
Joe Jusko -- samples from his personal website.
Ed Repka -- samples of his great album artwork including many many Megadeath covers.
Glen Orbik -- he drew the cover to the Stephen King's baseball novella Blockage Billy.
Gregory Staples -- he has drawn many comics including Judge Dredd.

I think I'm on pretty firm ground that I wrote more than any other blog on last year's Mars Attacks Heritage set and you can expect that same level of coverage for this set.  Be sure to check back soon for more Mars Attacks related posts as we get closer to Invasion's release.

This new set news has also given me an excuse to post the last original Mars Attacks card that I picked up before taking off to Eastern Europe in September.  It is card #51 and shows humans kicking some Martian butt on the Mars surface.


mike said…
That reminds me, I have a brick of the green borders that you need for your Heritage set. Along with a huge pile of stuff from your checklists. I found a guy with a ton of stuff online and went nuts...! You might not have a needs list in a couple weeks, just saying.