March 5, 2013

UPDATE: Topps Is Selling T-Shirts Now

UPDATE:  Since I complained about their shipping costs in my original post it is only fair that I mention that currently Topps has free shipping on apparel in their online store.
Topps sent me an e-mail today commanding me to "PROVE YOUR FANDOM" by buying some of their new t-shirts to go along with their new web page.

Okay, I'm game...I'll take a look and I will admit some of these are very nice.  This Bob Feller shirt below is my personal favorite but the $28 price is a bit too high plus the INCREDIBLE SUM OF $13.05 TO SHIP UPS GROUND we are over $40 for a single shirt.  And to compound the mistakes they, of course, don't seem to offer tall or extended sizes either.   Did no one in any meeting possible mention that could be something you might want to offer?

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