February 6, 2013

My 1966 Topps Batman Pickups From Black Friday

The road to somewhere is paved with good intentions and one of my key intentions while I was back in America was to scan as many cards as I could to set me up for posts for majority of 2013.  It didn't turn out so well as I only scanned about a quarter of what I hoped to and most of those cards where from my Black Friday purchases on COMC.com.  

My overall favorites are these Batman cards from 1966 that were put out by Topps.  Not only are they the first trading cards featuring Batman these were also drawn by Norman Saunders who famously drew the original Mars Attacks cards.  Because these cards were so popular Topps issued five sets of them [including one with live action shots from the TV show].  The key difference between the sets was in the color of the Batman logo on the front of each card.  The four cards that I picked up were the "Black Bat" versions which are the most common.  The other main types are the "A" and "B" Series:   

A Series = Red Bat on the front of the card and a red border
B Series = Blue Bat on the front of the card and a blue border
Black Bat Series = Black Bat on the front of the card and no additional border 

This first card is my overall favorite...even with the pencil marks.  

#4 Midnight Conference
As you would guess, the cards featuring The Joker are the most expensive but this great Riddler was dirt cheap.  
#45 Trap For The Riddler
These last two don't feature a well established villain and so you can find these for just a few dollars.

#48 Monstrous Illusion
#54 Whirpool

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