I Finally Found Some Sports Cards In Ukraine

Since moving here to Ukraine in September I've found exactly zero packs of sports cards or stickers in my travels.  I've been surprised by this because last summer my home city of Kharkiv was a host site for the 2012 Euro Cup and you can still find memorabilia from the event in stores...but still no cards to be found.

That was until today.

I've been traveling around the middle part of Ukraine [south of Kiev] this week and was just randomly walking by a small store in Zhytomyr and there right in front of me were Panini 2012/2013 UEFA Champions League booklets and stickers.

So I finally get to rip open some semi-new products.  I'm going to saver this as who knows when I'll find some more of these so I'll wait until I'm back home and really write some detailed posts [and learn something about the Champions League as I know next to nothing about soccer]. 


I cannot wait for you to tear those suckers open!!!
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