Show and Tell #121: Some 1971 Topps Needs Lists Help

Working out trades while living more than 5,000 miles away from your card collection has proven to be difficult at times but I was able to get one complete with Jeremy from No One's Going To Read This Blog.  He was able to take a few of my 1971 Topps high numbered cards off my needs list as well as one card which is a marked improvement from the version I had in my binder currently.

Here are my four new ones with my favorite being the Ike Brown card.  Ike played six seasons, all with the Tigers, as a reserve second baseman.

1971 Topps #669 Ike Brown
1971 Topps #635 Phil Regan

1971 Topps #745 Sandy Alomar
1971 Topps #743 John O'Donoghue

This Don Shaw card is at least a 200% upgrade from the card I already have...that being said, this is one of the blandest cards in the 1971 set...that's an awful lot of white on a card devoted to a Cardinals player.  

1971 Topps #654 Don Shaw