A Picasso Cow outside of Menomonie, WI.
Sorry about the long delay in figuring out a got in the way as it often does.   In total we had 33 entries for my Mars Attacks Heritage sketch card.

1.  Greg Zakwin
2.  The Dimwit
3.  Fuji
4.  Richard Nebe Jr.
5.  unclemoe
6.  Skroeker
7.  Mr. Kelsey
8.  Jeff Wilk
9.  Kazi
10.  Alfredo Ortega
11.  Matt Pederson
12.  Commishbob
13.  Captain Canuck
14.  Mini Groover
15.  The Diamond King
16.  Skott Jimenez
17.  Play At The Plate
18.  Jasonvorhees
19.  Jafronius
20.  Robert Frongillo
21.  Hackenbush
22.  Spankee
23.  Sean Woods
24.  dayf
25.  CaptKirk42
26.  Andy
27.  Scott Sawyer
28.  Dhoff
29.  Corky
30.  Crackin' Wax
31.  irondequoit36
32.  Archaeomatt
33.  pattiaa

And so I took that list and randomized it three times on and lucky #13 will be our winner.  

And the winner is #13 is Crakin' Wax.  Congratulations and thanks to everyone for the patience in getting this done.  


Captain Canuck said…
I was lucky #13.... was being the key word.
Unknown said…
Got the card! Thanks again for the contest. It's the first I've won!
Matt Flaten said…
You are welcome! Thanks for promoting the contest as well.