UPDATE: This Is About As Close As You Can Get To An Andy Pafko One-Of-One

UPDATE:  After years of card blogging, I should know by now to never make a declarative statement about something without doing enough research.  Thanks for AdamE of Thoughts and Sox he reminded me that Andy has cards in the recent TriStar SignaCuts products and does in fact have at least one 1-of-1 floating around out there.  Thanks Adam!  


As best I can tell from my research on my master checklist of Andy Pafko cards, there have been no one-of-one cards produced.  Meaning, no printing plates have been issued or super rare cut autographs and so if I was to ever get this sort of super rare Pafko card I would have to turn to something like this card:

This color variation card from the 1949 Leaf set is missing blue ink from the card.  Consequently, Andy's Cubs hat is gray and the background is bright yellow instead of green.  This card is available on eBay currently for $7,900 and the auction house that is selling claims that they have only seen one other variation from the 1949 set that is missing the blue color [and that card wasn't of Pafko].

I have two copies of Andy's Leaf rookie card and you can see the difference the lack of blue ink makes on the card.  As I learned in elementary school, yellow + blue = green!  And now that my attention is drawn to it I had never really noticed how bright yellow Andy's bat was in the card.

1949 Leaf #125 Andy Pafko


AdamE said…
There should be a Pafko 1/1.
I was told by TriStar that all the cards in their Signa Cuts line have cards in every numbered variety. Pafko had a card in 2008 so the varaions for him are:

non-numbered base

I also found a picture of one numbered 08/12. I don't know how though since TriStar never mentions any 2008 cards numbered to 12.

Plus I found this one which has been sold twice in the last couple months:


So it is out there somewhere.
Matt Flaten said…
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Matt Flaten said…
You are totally right...and I also realized my needs lists don't include any of the recent Leaf and TriStar stuff. Thanks Adam!
AdamE said…
The only reason I knew about all the different parallels in Tristar is because there is a Virdon in the set. I have one of the 1/1 Virdon cards but there are still two more. A Bronx version and one that its on Ebay right now, a dual auto with Stargell. But starting bid is $165, so I'm passing.