The Lawrence Public Library Banned Book Week Cards

Earlier this year, you may have seen an article floating around the interwebs [or on Beckett News] about a short series of cards honoring some of the most famous banned books put out by the Lawrence Public Library in my home of Lawrence, Kansas.  Packs of cards are $7 [and you can still buy a pack if you are interested] and they feature original art honoring a selection from Banned Book Week.  I bought mine when the cards first came out but with me being out of the country I've only been able to enjoy them until now.

Checklist [the cards are not numbered on the card itself]:
1984 by George Orwell [Art by Dale Martin]
Animal Farm by George Orwell [Art by Barry Fitzgerald]
The Call of the Wild by Jack London [Art by Heather Martin]
Little Red Riding Hood [Art by Lindsey Yankey]
On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin [Art by Ashton Martin]
Rabbit, Run by John Updike [Art by Webmocker]
Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut [Art by Kent Smith]