Vote For Me! My Nightmares On Cardboard Entry Part 1

I've been on a schedule of submitting entries every other year in Throzul's Nightmare on Cardboard.  I participated in years I and III and after a year off I'm back for the V edition.  I have typically made physical cards to send to Thorzul for the concert but as I'm out of the country I went with only computer designs.  So I tried to make up for it in quantity as I sent eight cards designs from two mini sets to be considered.

This year Thorzul decided to open up the contest for voting to determine the winner.  So if you enjoy my cards go to his site and cast your vote on the right side of the page.

Here's Thorzul's post on my entry with his thoughts on the movie that inspired this mini set, American Movie, which is a documentary [set in the Milwaukee area...Thorzul's from Milwaukee...see what I did there...] on the struggles of Mark Borchardt as he tries to make his horror movie, Coven.  Along with way you meet his best friend Mark Schank and his uncle Bill Borchardt who finances the money with his retirement.  During the course of filming, the Packers win the Super Bowl in early 1997 and the scenes involving the Super Bowl are some of the best in the movie.

Each of these cards were originally inspired by Topps American Heritage set from a few years ago.  Those cards themselves were inspired by the 1975 Topps design.

I'll be back with another post on the second part of my Nightmares on Cardboard submission.