Forgotten Feller

Some of my favorite posts from this blog focus on Bob Feller and my trips to the Bob Feller Museum in Iowa.  I originally went to the museum on a family vacation in the mid-90's and it was my personal highlight of the trip [which included the Black Hills, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, the Corn Palace, etc...sorry Mom and Dad!].  The past summer, before I packed up my bags and hightailed it to Ukraine, my Mom brought over an old comic book that had an envelope stuck inside it.  I flipped it open and found this Hall of Fame plaque postcard signed by Bob Feller.  It turned out during that first trip my parents bought this autographed card and either didn't tell me or forgot to tell me at the end of trip.  Believe me, it's better late than never!  

And so this postcard brings my Feller autographs up to three...this one, one on-card that I asked for some help in determining if it was real, and one I purchased from the Feller Museum some 15 years after my initial visit.