The Rookie Card Series: Andy Pafko

**In this series we do rookie cards and nothing else.**

While Andy Pafko's biggest card is his 1952 Topps card, his actual rookie cards were made three years earlier by Leaf and Bowman.  For a long time my copy of his 1949 Leaf rookie card was my favorite Pafko card that I actually had "in hand." That has since been surpassed by some of my certified autograph cards and my 1952 Topps #1.  This 1949 Bowman was sent to me in a trade by Reader Mike D. earlier in the summer and had completed my Pafko rookie collection.  If you haven't realized, the 1949 Bowman set are colorized versions of black and white photos and I really enjoy the bright red and dark blue color used on this card.  

1949 Bowman #63 Andy Pafko [Rookie Card]