My Packers Season Ticket Update Is Here

I might be in Ukraine but nothing gets in the way of my Green Bay Packers season ticket postcard.  This is probably my favorite regular piece of mail each year as I get to see how much closer I inched up the list to get Packers season tickets.  My new number is...65,890.

There's always a moment of silence as I have to get out my older postcards to see exactly how much I've moved up and to be reminded what Lambeau Field's capacity is again.  Here is a breakdown of the numbers:

In 2007 [when I first signed up] I started at: 69,193
In 2008 I took my single biggest one-year jump to: 68,158 [moved up 1,035 places]
2009: 67,338 [moved up 820 places]
2010: 66,898 [moved up 440 places]
2011:  Can’t find my scan of the postcard but...

Looking at the two years in 2012: 65,890 [I moved up 1,008 places over 2 years]

Since 2007 I've moved up 3,303 total places which averages out to 551 per year.  So using that as my overall average it will take a little more than 119 years to reach the top of the list.  Queue up Nelson Muntz.  The one thing on my side is that there will be about 7,000 new seats added to the 73,000 seats Lambeau already has for next reports are that there are now over 81,000 people in line for tickets so it could be worse.  


Captain Canuck said…
Hang in there!

You're one hydrogen filled blimp accident at the game from getting tickets!

on the plus side, unlike some other clubs, the Pack have yet to charge you a fee to hold your place in line..... yet...
JediJeff said…
There are worse things than waiting in line for Packers tickets.....

Oh wait. No there isn't.