Visiting The Field Of Dreams

Last week my wife and I stopped by the Field of Dreams outside of Dyersville, Iowa.  When I lived in Kansas I would travel through western Iowa all the time but we never made it to the eastern side of the state where the Field is located.  Finally the opportunity presented itself and we made the trip.

Here's the view of the Field from the main road:

Here's the farm house featured in the film.

 While we were there there were dozens of tourists also visiting and so it took quite some time to get a shot of the field without anyone wondering the outfield.  The field is open from 9am-6pm and the owners have made a point to allow people to play baseball right on the field if you want to.

And as we were leaving the field there were a bunch of kids arriving at the Field with matching uniforms that were going to play a game.

I fully expected someone to step out of the corn filed at some point.

The Field doesn't so much have a "gift shop" as a "gift stand" that you walk up to and tell the woman behind the counter what you would like and they would get it for you.  I picked an autographed baseball of Don Lansing, who owns much of the actual field [read more on that here] and the farm house featured in the movie.


Jason T. Carter said…
I want to go there so bad. Tried to plan a vacation that would include it, but it's soooo far out of the way of anything, just not sure it's feasible.

JT, The Writer's Journey
We went there about three years ago. It was a great time !
On my bucket list. Thanks for sharing the pics.
Anonymous said…
Great post - very cool to see this. Like PATP said - this is on my bucket list!
I went there 4-5 years ago, it was really fun! I even have a picture of myself standing out in left field with my shoes off :)