Random Andy Pafko Stuff

First, a couple of weeks ago on the '59 Topps: one f/g at a time I wrote a post about my thoughts on one of my favorite Andy Pafko cards...the 1959 Topps, of course.  

Second, a really rare Pafko relic card came up on eBay just before I was getting ready to leave the country so I never took part in the auction.  It was an Ebbets Field seat relic from the 2002 Topps set.  This is one I need for my collection and the first one I've ever seen listed since I started following Pafko card closely on eBay.

The auction ended at $58 which is more than I paid for my 1952 #1. It's hard for me to justify paying that much for a card that isn't a jersey relic of Pafko.

Next, I've got a new Pafko card that is on top of my shot list to obtain.  It's this weird little card printed in 1949 and given the odd name of R302-2.    The picture has Pafko in a Cubs uniform but the drawing itself doesn't look particularly like Andy.  These cards were made by Michael Presser & Company and came in sheets of three rows of eight cards and so each individual card has been hand cut.  There haven't been any recent or active eBay listings for these cards and so I'm unclear on what they currently but the next time one makes an appearance I think I'm going to go for it.


jacobmrley said…
I am ashamed to admit, I once owned a bunch of those R302s, including the Pafko, but I sold them off.