To The Moon

Let's all take a second and honor Neil Armstrong with a meme from reddit:

These next few astronauts aren't Neil Armstrong but that's okay with me.  This first card is the opposite half of the Alan Bean card that I highlighted back in March which gives me the entire stamp set.

2010 Panini Century Collection #13 Alan Bean Stamp/Clothing Relic #023/100
One does not not simply buy one astronaut card. Al Worden served as the command module pilot on Apollo 15 which as the stamp demonstrates was the first to use the lunar roving vehicle.  I love these cards but what was Panini thinking with Al's photograph.  

2010 Panini Century Collection #4 Al Worden Stamp/Clothing Relic #081/100
The 2010 Panini Century Collection set, which these astronaut cards come from, didn't have any Neil Armstrong cards unfortunately and overall you are pretty limited in finding any Neil Armstrong cards out there.