The "New" Cards In 2001 Topps Archives

I recently received a large group of 2001 Topps Archives from The Cardboard Junkie in exchange for some Allen and Ginter mad money and I've been enjoying sorting through the cards and mystified by some of the choices that Topps made in picking cards to include in the set.

While most of the cards in this memorable  set are just reprinted versions with a nice gold foil stamp on the front, when it came to many of the rookie cards of the stars of yesteryear Topps created basically a whole new card.  They eliminated the "riff-raff" from the multiple player cards that were so common in the 60's and 70's and so, for example, Rod Carew's rookie card originally included Hank Allen:

1967 Topps #569
In 2001 Archives we get a photo shopped version of just Rod as if Hank didn't exist.  

2001 Topps Archives #49
Although I don't really like the white washing of baseball card history but it gives us a new variation on those classic cards.  So here is a collection of the original cards and the updated 2001 Archives variation.

Fred Lynn

1975 Topps #622
2001 Topps Archives #298

George Foster

1971 Topps #276
2001 Topps Archives #287
 Ron Guidry

1976 Topps #599
2001 Topps Archives #300
Paul Blair

1965 Topps #473
2001 Topps Archives #270
 Tony Conigliaro 

1964 Topps #287
2001 Topps Archives #324
 Bob Uecker

1962 Topps #594
2001 Topps Archives #265
 Tony Perez

1965 Topps #581
2001 Topps Archives #273
 Ron Swoboda

1965 Topps #533
2001 Topps Archives #274
 Sam McDowell

1962 Topps #591
2001 Topps Archives #263
Al Hrabosky

1971 Topps #594
2001 Topps Archives #268
 Mark Fidrych

1977 Topps #7
2001 Topps Archives #302
 Carlton Fisk
1972 Topps #79
2001 Topps Archives #290
 Denny Martinez

1977 Topps #491 
2001 Topps Archives #78
Larry Bowa

2001 Topps Archives #254
1970 Topps #539


night owl said…
If there was a set in which Topps eliminated the star player on the rookie card and gave us solo cards of Hank Allen, Ed Armbrister, Mike Davison, Rob Dressler, Bill Spanswick, Ken Retzer, Dave Ricketts, Jim Bethke, Art Quick, Bob Chlupsa and Craig Mitchell, I would buy the whole thing.

Of course, I might be the only one.
Anonymous said…
Sadly, I think it all comes down to Topps not wanting to pay for the rights to use the images of the "Riff-raff".

That being said, if they're only going to have one player on a card, I'd rather they create an ersatz "regular" card of the player than these goofy Rookie Stars cards. But that's just me.

...But I'd also buy the cards that Night Owl proposes in his comments.
Commishbob said…
I wasn't aware of these until I saw some at a card show last year. One of Topps dumber ideas I think.

One of the great charms of the old multi-player rookie cards is seeing the 'other guys' on the card of a star.

And I don't think most of those pics translate well after being 'blown up' and stuck on a large area.
baseballbrent said…
I agree with shlabotnikreport, I wish they made these in the regular version. Use a different picture if needed as long as it's from the right time period.